Principal Investigator  

Bartlett W. Mel
My research interests lie at the interface between "computational neuroscience" and "neural engineering". Questions of computational neuroscience tend to be of the form, "How does the brain perform this particular function, or solve this particular problem?" Neural engineering is about finding solutions to difficult engineering problems, such as the goal to make machines see, move, think, or understand language---but specifically drawing inspiration from the structure and function of the brain. I have had two main research goals over the past several years, which have often mixed both scientific and engineering components. These goals are (1) to understand the remarkable image-processing functions of visual cortex (e.g. extracting contours, achieving color constancy, recognizing objects) and (2) to understand the information processing and memory-related functions of individual neurons and their dendrites. You can learn more about these topics here . I teach both the undergraduate (BME 402) and graduate (BME 502) neuroscience courses in the BME department.



Graduate Students


Rishabh Jain
Email: rishabh[AT]

Lei Jin
Email: leij[AT]usc[DOT]edu


Former Lab Members

Justin Ales Kevin Archie Arjun Bansal Ran Carmi
Mark Haney Gary Holt Kaz Morikawa Eric Ortega

Panayiota Poirazi Dan Ruderman Chunhong Zhou Xundong Wu

Albert Laia Monika Jadi Bardia Behabadi Chaithanya Ramachandra

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